Bag Closer USA Econo-Veyor
Dewan Bag Closing Machine Made in The USA

The Econo-Veyor bag closer combines unmatched dependability and versatility to accommodate all general packaging needs.


Dewan’s Glide-Through Bag Closer ECONO-VEYOR

Dewan’s is the original manufacturer of small head bag closing machines.  We have incorporated many of the desirable features of more expensive bag closing machines into a compact, economical bag closer that will give you efficiency and dependability at an affordable price.

Our custom Glide-Through bag closing machine is by far the simplest, most trouble free and versatile machine in its class.

Econo-Veyor Bag Sealing & Sewing Features

The Econo-Veyor can be used to handle cotton, jute, plastic or paper bags from 5 lb. to 100 lb. size.  The Econo-Veyor features as standard equipment a 5.5 foot conveying bed with heavy duty bag stand and is powered by a totally enclosed fan cooled gear-head motor.  The Econo-Veyor base is mounted on easy rolling castors and is anchored with a locking foot brake.  The features are all standard and further customization is available.

Dewan Heat Sealer Made in The USA

Adjustable Sewing Head Closing System

The sewing head is adjustable to a maximum height of 52″ above the floor.  Unique to the DeWan System, the sweing head mount accepts all standard heads with no mechanical modification required as well as sewing right to left or left to right.

Efficiency & Dependability

The total system operates on 120 volt/single phase power supply and incorporates standard features such as totally enclosed fan cooled motors, weatherproof, electrical connectors, and rugged tubular construction for long life maintenance free operation.  Often imitated, never duplicated.  American made DeWan Quality Since 1947.

Made In The USA

  • Small town American Made where pride & quality counts
  • Used by major packaging firms across the United States
  • Ask your distributor for additional information to accommodate all your packaging needs
Remember to Take Safety Precautions Before Using
Set Conveyor to comfortable working height.  Next, set sewing head to match bag height.  Then set micro switch so rod just clears bottom of sewing head.  Adjust rod forward or backward as to start the sewing head, just as bag enters the sewer.  Adjust the rod in or out to allow sewing cycle to run across entire width of bag top and a little longer to allow at least 2″ thread tail as bag exits the sewer.  At that point, while sewer is still running, push back on the tail end of the bag as to cause the thread to be cut off by the sewer’s cutting blade.  At that point, the sewing cycle is completed and ready for the next bag.

The Econo-Veyor Sewing Unit is capable of sewing approximately 10 to 14 24″ bags a minute depending on operator’s ability.

Wheels – Part# DW 61/2″ – 5/8″ POF
Stand – Part# ECV STD
Conveyor – Par# CONV 41/2″ DW
Conveyor Motor – 4Z519
Motor Sprocket – 5/8″ Id. 17 tooth #40 chain
Roller Sprocket – 1″ Id. 19 tooth #48 chain
Conveyor Belt – 12″ x 10′
Bag Stand – DW 12″ x 12″ BSECV
Pillow Block Bearings – 1″ PBB STD
Sewing Unit – Part# NP7
Sewing Unit Mount – NP7 of set Head Mt. EcV
Pull Mount For Sewing Unit With Thread Stand – Part#14 PMSWTPECV
Thread Guide Holder – IND TS ECV
Needle For Sewing Unit – DNX #22
Micro Switch W/Rod – Omron Type D4A 1101N
Micro Switch Mount – ECV MS MT
Thread – ST #20 lb.

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